High Availability

Applications and Data Always Available

We design the architecture, assemble and monitor the cloud services that keep your business online.

Cloud Services

Technology, Infrastructure and Hosting Management.

Replicated Data Bases 

Two servers for load balancing and failure contingencies.

Test Servers

To try new features with your own data.

Backup Server

Incremental daily backups on two different servers.

Automated Tests

Each commit is  
implemented and 

SSH Access

Access via Linux terminal (Shell) to Development, Staging and Production servers.

DNS and Routes

Set up your CNAME (personalized routes) and let us manage the DNS.

Email Gateways

Unlimited e-mail gateways and self-configured.


We monitor and maintain all your servers.

Analyze Your Options

We take care of your investment in cloud services

Cloud Service Platforms

Different editions of platforms



Development ->  Certification ->  Production

Available for Odoo Enterprise installations, 10, 11 and 12 releases.

Odoo.sh is a platform created and designed exclusively for Odoo customers. The implementation and deployment of Odoo.sh are highly recommended for small companies.

It allows end users to easily test their developments, manage their branch and perform beta-testing of their functionalities in production copies. Odoo.sh uses the Github account with unique keys and secrets from SSH, where they can merge, clone and divide the projects. The SSH public key can be easily registered and connected to any server with a few clicks. It is evident how Odoo.sh transparently integrates with the Github development flow.




Amazon Web Services

We design, monitor and launch the cloud services on AWS, which support your digital collaboration platform for your business management.

AWS provides a variety of public cloud computing services (also called Cloud Services) that together form a cloud computing platform.

Taranis services through AWS provide high availability in applications and data, and make up self-scalable service architectures based on their use. This allows us to take care of our clients' investment in these resources.